In the modern high-competitive world advanced engineering solutions is the key driver for success.


By seeking our assistance you would get help of knowledgeable engineers specialized on designing complete "plug-and-produce" customized plants as well as separate parts of machines and equipment. Vast variety of state-of-the-art software is employed for our design engineering.


Project management

In case our customer struggle with complicated project with numerous producers and design offices involved, apart from engineering services we offer purchases management services as well as overall project management.


Our previous experience clearly demonstrates that we are able to reduce purchase price for our clients by 15 – 20 % and also to shorten project implementation stage considerably.


Please have a look at projects accomplished in EU and CIS countries. We hope to hearing from you soon and look forward to fruitful mutually beneficial cooperation.


New equipment training

In addition to equipment itself, operating personnel competence is the key factor for success of any project.

Our company pays special attention to our customers' staff training to ensure safe operation and maintenance of our equipment.


As a rule training involves two stages: in Germany - prior to equipment delivery and right after installation works are over - on site.


Installation and commissioning

Commissioning is carried out together with customers' representatives.

In coordination with a customer, technical experts are ready to provide either supervised installation or full-range installation services.


Technical support and aftersales service

After the equipment is delivered you will not be left without any assistance. On the basis of service agreement technical specialists are readily accessible to provide technical support regarding issues that may arise.


There is an option to arrange either field technical support for agreed period of time or scheduled visit of our experts to working site.


Modernization and repair

In addition to technical revision, fault detection and maintenance we also offer individual modernization and repair of scroll centrifuges in the territory of CIS countries and the European Union.


A whole range of works on the mechanical and electrical parts of machinery is provided:

  • scroll and bowl repair;
  • dynamic balancing of decanter centrifuge rotor and screw;
  • gear revision, including wear control and, if necessary, replacement of gear shafts, bearings and planet wheels;
  • replacement of rotor and screw supporting bearings, rings, cuffs, defect fastening elements, lubrication of gear units and bearings;
  • exchange as well as work up for special applications;
  • individual modernization of old facilities;
  • integration of fat and oil – lubrication systems;
  • change from 2 phase to 3 phase;
  • conversion to electrical forward- or backdrive;
  • software upgrade and control system modernization.


Please have a look at projects having carried out in EU and CIS countries. We hope to hearing from you soon and look forward to fruitful mutually beneficial cooperation.