Multi-purpose plant for oil sludge and drilling mud treatment

Delivery region: CIS countries


On the basis of design specification provided by customer, the unique plant has been developed to provide either three-phase separation (oil sludge) or two-phase separation (drilling mud). Besides, 2D and 3D design of the plant and work site has been done.  This unique plant feature expands its range of application reducing project and maintenance costs greatly.


Major project goals:

The major objective of sludge treatment is separation of maximum amount of oil, solids and water.

The major objective of drilling mud treatment is obtaining solids-free drilling liquid for its further enrichment and use.


Description of equipment:

Oil sludge and drilling mud treatment plant includes four 20'' containers:

  • oil preheating and mixing container;
  • container with switch cabinet and flocculant preparation and dosing system;
  • decanter centrifuge ATEX container;
  • storage container.


Description of technological process:

Thin sludge is removed from a lagoon/tank or similar by a progressive cavity pump to the preheating container. The shaker screen, which is mounted above the decoupled preheating container removes foreign matters > 1 mm.


Pic. shaker screen

For treatment of oil sludge it is heated up to 80 °C indirectly with steam through a heat exchanger by the steam heating system and homogenized with two agitators.


Pic. preheating container


If the plant is employed for drilling mud separation, there is no need in sludge heating; only its homogenizing is performed. At this point, the sludge is treated with a flocculent from the flocculent system.


Pic. flocculent system


Depending on the application, the separation can be done without flocculants, too.

By centrifugal force the liquid sludge is separated.
The treatment of oil sludge produces three phases: solid phase, water phase and oil phase.

The treatment of drilling mud produces two phases: solid phase and water phase.


Pic. decanter centrifuge


The solid is conveyed via a screw conveyor into a building side container. A centrifugal pump discharges excess residual liquid from the wash water tank.

Plant control is accomplished with touch sensor display built into the decanter centrifuge ATEX container. The display also shows crucial process parameters and equipment data. Plant operation is possible both in automatic and manual mode.


Pic. sensor display


Major advantages of the multi-purpose plant:

  • lower capital and maintenance costs due to multi-purpose plant model (one multi-purpose decanter centrifuge instead of two);
  • modular containerized design: mobility;
  • enhanced performance and reduced labor costs owing to round-the-clock automated operation;
  • modern technology, up-to-date engineering solutions;
  • individual solution tailored to customer's needs;
  • European quality.


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