Soil cleaning (flushing) plant


The major advantages of the technology for soil water jet cleaning are flexibility, usability and reliability. Water jet soil cleaning is performed by custom-tailored two-level high vibration sieve, high pressure spray nozzles and specially designed hydrocyclone. The plant can be used for soil cleaning to remove contaminants requiring vibration treatment and high pressure water flushing.

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Depending on the soil to be flushed, the soil cleaning plant is also applicable to recover valuable components, such as oil, minerals and more. It is used for dewatering and flushing of recovered particles as well. Soil cleaning (flushing) plant is also good for flushing of gravel, sand and soil excavated from the bottom of lakes, rivers and canals. 



Oil contaminated soil recovery (flushing) plant includes:

  • soil treatment module (optional); 
  • feeding and water jet cleaning module (petroleum product is recovered from soil);
  • flocculant preparation and dosing system;
  • plant control system;
  • 3-phase decanter centrifuge (optional);
  • washing water cleaning module;
  • 2-phase decanter centrifuge for  additional soil dewatering (optional);
  • soil drying system (optional).


The plant also includes feed hopper and conveyer belt for feeding soil into the water jet cleaning module. Water jet cleaning module includes the following parts: pumps, high vibration sieve, high pressure spray nozzles and specially designed hydrocyclone. Water jet cleaning module provides soil watering and high pressure flushing as well as separation of clean soil and wastes (with particles grading, e.g. > 5 mm, 0.15 – 5 mm).

Flocculant preparation and dosing system in conjunction with washing water cleaning module provide washing water cleaning and primary oil phase recovery (in case there is any). Two-phase decanter centrifuge and/or soil drying system can be used to reduce water consumption.


Soil cleaning (flushing) plant features:

  • modular design: prompt installation and easy parts replacement; 
  • different versions of water jet cleaning module dependent on capacity required and type of soil;
  • materials of water jet cleaning module feature high wear resisting properties: mining class, polyurethane sieving elements, rubberized sludge pump; a soil comes in contact with only wear-resistant materials (polyurethane/rubber).


Water jet cleaning module

Your benefits from the use of soil cleaning (flushing) plant: 

  • high capacity and reduced labor costs owing to round-the-clock automated operation;
  • reduced expenses for transportation and disposal: only 10-20% of total amount of contaminated soil to be disposed is remaining;
  • high performance and reduced labor costs owing to round-the-clock automated operation;
  • besides cleaning and grading, the plant allows to prepare extracted substances/contaminants for their further use/disposal.


Thanks to plant special design, water jet cleaning of oily soil allows not only to make cleaning, but to extract valuable oil for its further refinery or sale. Optional 3-phase centrifuge facilitates fine filtering of extracted oil and water separation. 

Case study of the project for oily water cleaning on CIS territories.


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