Thermal wastes recovery


Thermal waste recovery is utilized if wastes are not suitable for recycling and recovery of valuable components.


We offer to our customers comprehensive solutions for thermal waste recovery including: 

  1. fixed Bed incinerator;
  2. moved bed incinerator;
  3. rotary kiln incinerator.


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The incinerators we offer are used for disposal of the following types of wastes:

  • Domestic waste;
  • Industrial waste;
  • Chemical residues;
  • Hospital waste.


The solutions we offer are used successfully for wastes disposal in the following industries:

Agricultural chemistry, Airport, Animal crematory, Authority, Automotive industry, Chemical industry, Field hospital, Food industry, Hospital, Hotel / Resort, Institutes, Leather industry, Military camp, Pesticide factory, Petrochemical industry, Pharmaceutical industry, Port authority, Poultry farm, Refinery, Ship, Site camp, Slaughterhouse


Major advantages of proposed solutions for thermal waste recovery:

  • continuous incineration: the waste is moved over steps with a ram system;
  • incineration without grate: absolutely sterile ashes by a complete burnout in the combustion chamber, the waste is mechanically mixed
  • automatic ash discharging: safe technology
  • rigid construction: use of standard components
  • refractory lining: resistant against wear, high heat storage, low heat emission of the furnace
  • postcombustion chamber: elimination of odour and organic matters
  • easy operability: automatic function control
  • low maintenance: all important components are clearly arranged and easy to access
  • made in Germany quality: long-life cycle


Examples of customized waste recovery solutions:

  • Sewage Sludge Incineration.
  • Tire Pyrolysis Plant Starts Operation. The pyrolysis plant cracks the used tires at 600 °C into the following components: Pyrolysis coke (Recycling product for tire production), Pyrolysis oil (Diesel oil).
  • Off Gas Cleaning System for 120.000 m³/h for a hazardous waste disposal site.
  • Renewable energy: the steam production plant for a paper recycling plant

Residual products from the paper recycling plant are used directly to produce steam for the paper factory.
An interesting alternative of renewable energy solutions.

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