Production of butter, fats and biofuel


Decanter centrifuges are well known for their high efficiency in production of vegetable oil (sunflower, olive, palm etc.), animal fat and biofuel. 


Decanter centrifuges are used for the following operations in butter and biofuel production:

  • oil clarificaton;
  • seed-oil clarificaton;
  • clarification of oil after extrusion process;
  • bioethanol production;
  • biodiesel and glycerin separation;
  • biodiesel flushing;
  • biodiesel clarification to the crystal clear state;
  • removing of phytosterol glycoside;
  • glycerin purification and salt flushing;
  • extraction of fat and animal protein.


Advantages of decanter centrifuges for beverage production:

  • reduced expenses due to optimized work process and improved standardization;
  • prevention of quality variation;
  • low energy costs and environmental;
  • round-the-clock operation; 
  • lower maintanance costs;
  • compact design: less room needed;
  • compatibility with existing workflow;
  • high hygienic standards;
  • high reliability and long service life.



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