Household and industrial waste water treatment


Despite of tremendous development of modern technologies, water cannot be fully eliminated from industrial use that inevitably leads to its contamination. Water is widely used in different manufactures. The issues of industrial waste water cleaning, as well as disposal of sludge  are becoming ever more important today.


In view of growing population there is another equally important issue - municipal waste water treatment and fresh water cleaning.  In the course of water cleaning the following contaminants are removed: chemicals, bacteria and viruses, organics, minerals and vegetative forms.  Foreign substances taken out of the water are collected in settlers in the form of sludge masses, posing a severe threat to environment. 


Decanter centrifuges are well known for their successful application for disposal of sludge remaining after industrial wastes treatment as well as municipal wastes treatment and fresh water cleaning.
The use of decanter centrifuges for water treatment does not merely show a steady grow year by year; it has become certain standard that ensues high overall process efficiency.


To achieve high-efficient dewatering and sludge thickening, we offer to our customers decanter centrifuges designed specific to water treatment.


Owing to special shape of a cone as well as high performance bowl and reduction gear, decanter centrifuges that our company offers provide the highest grade of dewatering and thickening minimizing polymer consumption and electricity costs.  Considering large volume of sludge remaining after treatment, even minor decrease in sludge moisture content results in sizeable cost cut-down for sludge transportation and disposal.


Major characteristics and advantages:

  • compactness along with high performance;
  • advanced noise-proofing;
  • up-to-date drive control;
  • touch sensor control and automatic feeding control;
  • minimum down time because of smart arrangement of wear parts;
  • feasibility to reduce sludge volume percentage by up to 90%;
  • reduced electricity costs by 35% on average in comparison to conventional decanter centrifuges;
  • high speed bowl and increased torque;
  • low water consumption (for polymer solution preparation);
  • high reliability and long service life.


Typical application of special design decanter centrifuges for water treatment:

  • municipal waste water;
  • oily water;
  • brewing plants waste water;
  • dairy factories waste water;
  • wine production waste water;
  • fruit juice production waste water;
  • water after vegetables cleaning;
  • leather industry waste water;
  • paper manufacture and woodworking waste water;
  • varnish-and-paint plants waste water; 
  • pharmaceutical factories waste water;
  • industrial water after sand and gravel washing;
  • membrane filtering waste water;
  • metallurgical plants waste water;
  • coal tar from by-product coke plants;
  • coal electric power plants waste water;
  • and more.




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