Tanks cleaning (flushing)


Tanks and vessels are commonly used at all oil-producing, transport and refinery enterprises - as well as at any plant using storage facilities for raw materials, end product and wastes.


Timely servicing is essential for maintaining good operating conditions of tanks and vessels, including their cleaning (flushing) at least once in two year.

Common practice is to employ manual labor for such operations, even though it results in extra working time, increased environmental risks and health hazard. Large volume of wastes results from manual tanks cleaning. These wastes are normally accumulated in settlers for storage. Severe damage can be done to environment if wastes get into subsoil waters. Storing wastes also has negative effects of evaporation of light fractions and their subsequent escape into atmosphere.  


The process of sludge recovery could be much more complicated and costly if sludge had been stored for some time; it is reasonable to  resolve this issue simultaneously with cleaning operations. We offer complex equipment for automated tanks cleaning and sludge recovery.


Equipment we offer includes:

  • module or/and mobile system (on chassis) for tanks flushing;
  • sludge separation plant based on three-phase (oil recovery from the sludge) or two-phase decanter centrifuge; 
  • incinerators for wastes disposal; 
  • fine cleaning module for water extracted from the sludge.


Apart from automated tanks cleaning with reduced operation time and enhanced safety, proposed solutions also allow to extract hydrocarbons from the sludge (in case of oil storage tanks cleaning) that increases cost-efficiency substantially.
Sludge from tanks normally contains 60-90% of hydrocarbons, and recovery of these products reduces sludge volume to be disposed to the same extent.


Unique features of equipment we offer:

  • automated tanks cleaning: reduced operation time and improved efficiency.
  • unmanned operation whilst flushing: minimized health risks;
  • compact modular mobile system: increased flexibility and more projects to accomplish;
  • fully enclosed system with minimum atmospheric emission: maximum safety;
  • continuous control over oxygen, gases and explosive vapors content: maximum safety;
  • continuous video monitoring of cleaning: improved cleaning;
  • acquisition of crude oil for further refinery for sale - about 95% of oil is recovered from oil sludge: increased cost efficiency;
  • costs cut-down for transportation and disposal of oil sludge: increased cost efficiency;
  • high performance and reduced labor costs owing to round-the-clock automated operation: increased cost efficiency.

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